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Maurice St-Pierre, Owner
M.C. Roofing affiliated with 2166237 Ontario Inc.
2484 Devine Road,
Vars, Ontario

K0A 3H0

Notice regarding COVID-19

M.C. Roofing is taking the following precautions for the safety of our customers and staff:

– Staff will stay at least 6’-8’ from the occupants of the house at all times and remain outside the home.
– House measurements will be taken by satellite or by measuring from the ground or roof if safe to do so with no one else around.
– We will leave any brochures or paperwork in the mailbox.
– Correspondence will mostly be by email, phone, video chat and texting.
– We will regularly ensure safe hygiene practices such as washing hands, using Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team today.